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WWE’s annual spring cleaning is in full swing and it looks like quite a few fan favorites will receive the boot from the company before all is said and done.

WWE already released a crop of mid to low card superstars last week and it looks like even bigger names are set to be cut in the near future. While not confirmed at this time, one superstar in particular seems to be on WWE’s short list of wrestlers to get rid of.

That of course is Ryback, who was sent home last week after a contract dispute with Vince McMahon and hasnt been seen on television since. While it is certainly possible that the two sides will eventually be able to come to a deal in the near future, it looks like WWE is starting to plan for a future without the big guy in the squared circle. In fact, WWE has already started selling Ryback’s merchandise at a discounted price.

According to WWE Rumor Roundup,Ryback merchandise has been discounted, which is being taken to mean he could be released soon. It’s entirely possible, however, WWE simply waits for his contract to run out.” Whether WWE decides to wait for the contract to expire or just release him later this month remains to be seen, but it doesn’t look good for the former IC champion at all right now, especially after he walked out on WWE last week.

With that being said, WWE really needs to come to terms with Ryback’s contract and bring him back on television. Sure, he may not be the next John Cena, or The Rock, or The Undertaker, but The Big Guy does deserve a lot more then what he has gotten so far from WWE. Keep in mind that WWE built him as a monster heel and even had him face John Cena for The WWE Championship only months after his debut!

Unfortunately for Ryback, he has done nothing but slip down the card ever since facing John Cena for The WWE Title. Not only that, he has been put in so many lackluster programs that you have to wonder if WWE wanted him to get over in the first place. He also lost a United States title match during the WrestleMania pre show to Kalisto, if anything, that should show what WWE currently thinks of Ryback and his potential in the company!

Again, i’m not saying make the guy WWE World Heavyweight champion, but at least give him something to work with. Whether that’s a shot at the tag team titles, a love story line, or a grudge match with someone the company sees as a future star doesn’t matter. What does matter is that WWE does something with him and now!