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Many had often times wondered who is coming back to the WWE ring again for there are lots of WWE Divas who are not presently in the WWE such as AJ Lee, Eva Marie and much others.

John Cena’s return at a time like this would be like opening up a gift on Christmas morning, The Cenation leader is not scheduled to make a return anytime soon! Fortunately for The WWE Universe, Mrs.

All red everything is more then prepared to fill the void left by the face that runs the place. In all seriousness though, Eva Marie has been absent from WWE programming for a couple of months now after failing a wellness policy test and has subsequently taken more time off to participate in multiple movie roles.

According to” Eva Marie is teasing her return to WWE on Twitter, and she could be back by the end of the year.” While a return for Marie would be a welcomed addition to The Smackdown’s woman’s division, especially with the heat the young lady can draw from almost any crowd, one has to wonder if she is still in line for the title push she was promised before the wellness policy violation occurred. With that being said, WWE could probably still put her in the title picture in the near future, but just use her to elevate another superstar instead of putting her in the top role herself.

What do you think? Who would you like to see Eva Marie return and face off against? Let us know in the comments below and tell us what you think about Eva Marie’s return to Smackdown Live.