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Now, it has been revealed that the two live events which was conducted in Delhi by the WWE was to cater to the Indian fan base. Reports states India have one of the largest WWE fans. WWE has really gained ground in the country but still working very hard to see that they get to all areas of the country.

Last night, the WWE superstar Alberto Del Rio arrived in Kolkata for his tour of India. Rio never wants to miss from any jot of the tour and that’s why he flew all the way from US to Kolkata. Del Rio has vital role to play in place of the fans as he will be meeting and interacting with fans at many various arena.

This is indeed an opportunity for fans from both Kolkata and Bangalore to meet and interact with the superstar on July 7. His schedule for the tour as reported by, Del Rio will be visiting the Hope Foundation, before travelling to the prestigious East Bengal football club where he would interact with the players and fans prior to participating in a media round table interview.

On July 8, the Mexican will travel to Bangalore where he will interact with his fans at a personal level at Garuda Mall. The next day, July 9, the submission specialist will be visiting representatives of India at the Special Olympics in the morning. Later, in the evening, he would appear at the Hard Rock Cafe for a party hosted by Ten Sports.

The fact that Alberto Del Rio is a star, will enable various interviews to promote the presence of WWE in India and by so doing, enhancing the company’s publicity.