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The return of Bill Goldberg to WWE is one of the biggest storylines in all of wrestling so far this year, but it’s only just beginning.

Two weeks ago, Paul Heyman made the challenge to Goldberg on behalf of his client Brock Lesnar. Last week, the former World Heavyweight Champion returned and accepted. This week on Monday Night Raw, Lesnar is going home to Minneapolis to discuss his WrestleMania XX rematch with “The Man.”

It’s the match that many never thought would happen again as no one really thought that Goldberg would ever get back in the ring. If he did, it wasn’t expected that he and WWE would ever get past their differences to work together again.

Well, it all started on Monday Night Raw two weeks ago when Paul Heyman called out Goldberg for a match. When Goldberg made his return, it was set and in place, so now, it’s time for Lesnar to speak his mind with the match confirmed.

The official website of WWE revealed their full preview for Monday Night Raw in Minneapolis, and there’s a lot more happening as well. In the middle of the big return, some may have forgotten that Hell in a Cell is just a week away and there are numerous titles on the line.