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The last episode of the WWE Monday Night RAW saw Sasha Banks took up the stand as the new RAW women’s champion beating Charlotte Flair to emerge as the winner.

Report has it that there are reasons why the WWE had to make things worked out the way it did and some of the reasons are because The title change was done in order to make Banks a credible champion Which suggests that the WWE have given the green light for the Banks vs. Bayley feud.

Since Charlotte might be out of the title picture, the rumours of UFC star Ronda Rousey returning look more plausible as she will most likely face Charlotte at Wrestlemania 33. In order to Bayley to have her “Wrestlemania moment”, it is necessary that Sasha is built as a convincing champion.

Another potential reason for the title change might be due to the fact that the women’s roster on RAW is pretty thin on heels, which is why Banks is not expected to turn heel until early 2017.