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The long awaited Summerslam has indeed come to pass as what was planned for the event has come to realisation. The match went as was not expected indeed because so many expectations were turned down.

The match was annunced long time ago and basic preparations and promotions were being were being carried on. Sasha Banks defended her title against the former women’s champion but in a lossing effort, it was so unfortunate that she lost the title to Charlotte and now she has become the former WWE Women’s champion while Charlotte has re-emerged as the champion to start her reign again.

On the other hand, we saw the tag team match where some tag teams which included, The Usos, America Alpha, The Vauldvillains and others wrestlling for the tag team champion and the match finally was in the favor of The Usos.

The match went well indeed and was so pleased. Rumors has it that SaSha banks lost the match so she can go and do her honyemoon knowing that she just got married to Sarah Ton and I strongly believe that it must have planned by the both about the whole thing. Well, this is not the full results, just stay online and we promise to update you with more result.