WWE NEWS: This WWE Superstar Almost Got Killed – OMG! See The Moment That Saved His Life…

Some weeks ago at the WWE WrestleMania33 event show Jeff Hardy and his brother Matt Hardy well known as the Hardy Boys returned to WWE and won the RAW tag team championship title upon their return. Jeff Hardy was on a recent episode of the Art of Wrestling podcast with Colt Cabana and openly spoke about his drug addictions and the demons that almost killed him.

Jeff Hardy pointed to his last stint in the WWE, which was when his drug addictions spiraled out of control. It was around 2009, and Jeff was the WWE world champion.

He discussed that he has always struggled with addictions, saying the first time he ever took a drug was when he was 22 and that was the “date rape” drug GHB. Hardy said that when a person takes that drug “it’s over,” and he started to get really crazy in his life.

Jeff has had really serious moment before now, and it was all because of grace that he still lives today. Jeff Hardy had suffered a neck injury and two herniated discs in his back, in addition to suffering from restless legs syndrome. With all the pain, Hardy was looking for outlets to try to get his mind off the problems, but the WWE schedule would not allow it.