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This should be said to be a record breaking event because such has never been recorded in the history of any sports business entertainment. It is really very difficult to see real life spouse gets on as an on screen couple.

The record has indeed been broken by Rusev and Lana. Reports states that Rusev and Lana has once separated but later got engaged. It is revealed that it was their decision to part ways for reasons best known to them. Their engagement was the talk of social media and it has been officially declared tht Rusev and Lana are back as couple.

Without further ado, this couple has announced their wedding date to be September 2, 2016 and the event will be aired on the Total Divas on E! Just like the the Daniel Bryan – Brie Bella and Tyson Kidd – Natalya marriages which was also aired on the Total Divas on E!

Rusev, have fully proven himself to be a successful man as the saying goes, ‘behind every successful man, there is a woman.