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Popular WWE superstar has thought it wise to update fans about his injury which has kept him away from the ring for so long and has made him missed several live events.

AJ Styles is not withstanding, a real superstar in the WWE. Now, Styles is facing the kind of injury which has always affected him since he was in NJPW and even Ring of Honor. there have been rumors that Styles sustained the injury during the six man tag match with Gallows and Anderson against Roman Reigns and The Usos.

Indeed, fans were so worried and they really need him in the ring. But the WWE company has prevented Styles from performing in a match so as to ensure that he gets better soon.

Due to the awesome personality of this superstar, fans did even pay for his live match ticket in advance. This injury has prevented Styles from wrestling so he apologized to as many fans that has paid for the ticket ensuring them that he will in no wise miss the Extreme Show in North Carolina. see tweets below: