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A little mishap has been recorded to Jeff Hardy after his match alongside Matt Hardy at WWE Live while posing for photographs with fans.

As well known, both Matt and Jeff Hardy had just recently returned to the WWE after their departure from the company in 2010 to win the the WWE Raw tag-team championships at WrestleMania 33. Besides their usual Monday night slot on Raw, the Hardy Boyz has been rescheduled to appear at the Raw brand’s live shows.

The Hardys were busy celebrating with the fans after their matchup at a recent live event for the WWE’s red-brand when Jeff threw his hand up in the air and sent himself flying into the mat.

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Matt hardy’s responds to this was in the most possible ‘Broken’ way alluding to the fact that the ‘spot monkey’ in the nefarious Brother Nero ceases to go away.

The Hardy family is still embroiled in a real-life dispute with their former employers Impact Wrestling over the usage rights to the Broken gimmick outside the company.

Matt and Jeff have teased the WWE Universe with a few glimpses of their aforementioned gimmick that has gotten wildly popular since last year but have refrained from committing to it 100%, owing to their legal issues with Anthem Sports and Entertainment.

Be that as it may, Jeff really goofed this time around and crashed right into the Mat.
Notwithstanding, the nefarious Nero is fine and when you have His Broken Excellence himself guiding you, a couple of bumps here and there is no big deal.