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Superstars in the WWE are all known for tattoos except some of them who didn’t just like to involve themselves in the tattoo drawing.

Persons like John Cena have no tattoo in his body and I do not think that he is even dreaming of having any tattoo drawn in his body.

It is revealed that tattoos drawn in the arms and body of any wrestlers signify some essentialities of the superstar which most times may be secretive while other times it may just be for fun or beauty thereabout. Recently, the WWE superstar Kevin Owens was interviewed and was asked so many questions which included the reason behind his tattoos in his body.

First, he was asked about the bull tattoo he has on his arm which is believed by fans to be a tribute to The Rock’s ‘Bramha Bull’. But in reply to this question, Kevin Owens said that though he is a big fan of the Rock but that doesn’t mean that the tattoo of bull in his arm was actually a tribute to The Rock instead Kevin Owens revealed that the Bull Tattoo actually represents him being a “Taurus” which is the Latin word for ‘Bull’.

Furthermore, he talked about the tattoos in his fingers which are actually a tribute to his grandfathers who sadly passed away before he could make it to WWE. If you ask me I will say that Kevin Owens has a very good reason for drawing his tattoo unlike other folks who draws tattoo just to scare people away from them or to prove that they are wicked.

More so, Kevin was asked if he would want to get a tattoo for his son whom he said no because of the reason that his son’s interest is always changing. He said that he would want to have a tattoo for the legend John Cena someday because of the fact that Cena is his arch-rival.