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Injury in the WWE has become so enormous that we you cannot even tell of a true injury story anymore as fans do comes up with rumors based on what they see or thought about a wrestler either in the ring or outside the ring. It has happened to be that most of the injury stories being talked about are rumors from fans and most times, the rumors are false.

Samoa Joe of the WWE NXT did wrestle with what is known as ‘heavily taped arm”. Seeing him wrestling with this object, fans took it to themselves that he has sustained an elbow injury which officially was a false rumor and to clear this, Samoa Joe had to post on his twitter confirming the rumor to be false indeed.

It is revealed that Samoa Joe has been working with WWE since his NXT debut back in May this year. Originally debuting as a face, Samoa Joe quickly changed his persona and became one of the top heels of WWE’s development territory. Joe has tried in several occasions to make sure he gets the NXT title but all his efforts seems to be to no avail until when finally he made a defeat against Finn Balor on the 21st April which granted him the chance to be the champion of WWE NXT.

More so, Samoa Joe was a former TNA superstar who has won several awards as a wrestler there before finding his way to the WWE. While in TNA, he won the X-division championship twice while also getting his hands on the World Championship once. In summary, Samoa Joe has been a champion before heading to WWE. See tweets below: