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WWE Superstar Roman Reigns has been whirling around this arrest thing for a while now and fans are getting disturbed about it.

The Great ball of fire PPV Series was a very interesting and unique one with lots of scores being settled. But not all scores were settled as the feud between Roman Reigns became more intense and personal.

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The return of Braun Strowman to the WWE was a shocking and interesting return to WWE fans worldwide. Strowman attacked and brutally injured Roman Reigns. This led to the announcement of the Ambulance match between Roman Reigns and Strowman at the great balls of fire.

Losing the match made reigns very furious and caused a big scene backstage.

Roman Reigns caught Strowman and threw him into the ambulance, seeking revenge. He then locked the doors of the vehicle from the outside before pulling the driver out of his seat and taking his place at the wheel. Reigns drove the emergency vehicle to the parking lot and to the surprise of everyone watching, reversed the ambulance at full speed into a parked semi truck.

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The Emergency service had to cut the door off the ambulance, Strowman came out bleeding but refused to receive immediate medical attention.

Following this event, a concerned fan started a petition with a letter addressed to Kurt Angle and WWE saying with the intention of having Roman Reigns arrested on the count of attempted murder, clearly referring to the post-match segment with Strowman. The petition has a goal of 500 signatures and at the time of writing, it had just crossed 900 signatures.