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Such is life! While other is longing to be part, some of the folks are thronging to move away from their present state. You may be wondering which superstar just voiced out his dismissal from the WWE. But it may interest you to know that this superstar leaving the Company is really a wise choice and a mature move.

Well, Finn Balor, the former WWE NXT champion talked about leaving the WWE NXT which he had accomplished by finding his way into the WWE main rooster card by defeating the former WWE champion Roman Reigns. Finn’s debut into the main rooster was seen as one of the most enjoyable scene ever since NXT’s superstars have been debuting into the WWE main rooster. It is revealed that Finn Balor is really aiming higher in his career and may even be the new face of the WWE if care is not taken.

During the interview, Finn Balor revealed his next opponent to be Seth Rollins and according to Finn, his match against Finn will be to know who is more relevant in the game of wrestling. As it is, Finn has even started to gain more fans than some of the WWE older superstars because ever since his career in the WWE NXT he has tried his best possible to make sure fans are pleased with his skills and I must confess that Finn Balor is indeed a superstar and will really go far in his WWE run.

More so, still on his discussions, Finn Balor said: “You know, people are always going to label you as something. People can label me as the face of the future, but I’ve been doing this for 16 years. For me, this is nothing new. I’m very assured of my ability when I’m in the ring. Sure, I’m new to Raw and I’m new to WWE, but I’m not new to being in the ring. In the ring, I consider myself quite capable.”