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WWE has become a world where most things are just too large to be kept secret. Revealing most of the top secrets of the superstars makes the game more fun for the WWE Universe.

Some superstars are successfully married to each other, such as, Lana and Rusev, Naomi and Jimmy Uso and so many of them both in the present era and in the past times. WWE has tried to frustrate most relationships in the company because they feel that the relationship will not make a blissful end in the future.

Well, it is revealed that there are superstars who became more successful in their dating lives after they have successfully divorced their wives. The former WWE champion John Cena was a victim of short term marriage.

Report states that Cena got married to Elizabeth Huberdeau in 2009 and the marriage ended in 2012. It was after the divorce of John Cena and Elizabeth Huberdeau that Nikki Bella then found her way into Cena’s lives. As the sayings goes, “an animal once caught by a trap, sees a bent stick and run away”. Having been a victim of divorce, Cena had to make Nikki Bella sign a 75 page agreement before allowing her move in with him.

On the other hand, Alberto Del Rio who has been away from the WWE, returned last year November and fell in love with the former WWE Divas champion Paige and barely some days, their romantic photos went rampart on social media networks. Paige seems to love Del Rio and there is nothing anybody can do about that.

Furthermore, it is revealed that Alberto Del Rio’s relationship with Paige went out so strong on social media on June 13th which is about 2 weeks before the date Angela Velkei filed for divorce. The couple was married in Mexico and the divorce was filed there as well. It was indeed a sweet engagement terminated.

The news that is on air now is that Paige has proposed to Alberto Del Rio and Del Rio accepted which means in short while, we will witness matrimony between these superstars.