WWE NEWS: WWE Superstars To Face Serious Punishments – See Vince McMahon’s Plans Against Them…

It is revealed that The WWE boss, Vince McMahon is a very strict person who always wants to carry out his duties as planned. One of the things he hates is to see superstars violating the rules that has been laid down by the company. To him violating the rules means disregarding the company as a whole; so, for that any victim must be treated accordingly.

Before a talent joins the WWE, they may have read the terms and conditions of the company and thus agreeing to it and promised to keep as such as they have read about the company’s policies. Violating a rule which you have pledged to comply with is disobedience. Sin Cara and Simon Gotch recently violated a rule by fighting in the locker room of the backstage and to this violation, there is a punishment.

According to sportskeeda.com, Prior to last week’s Live edition of WWE SmackDown, some officials reported a legitimate backstage fight between two WWE Superstars, Sin Cara and Simon Gotch. WWE has been strict regarding such incidents in the locker room and the wrestlers involved in such scuffles are often punished.

Although several days passed, WWE didn’t issue any statemnet regarding this fight between Gotch and Sin Cara. But it will be wrong to assume that WWE has let it pass as allwrestlingnews.com points out that Simon Gotch may be at the receiving end of the punishment.
His name was pulled off from several upcoming Live events as he was absent from this weekend’s live shows. His tag team partner, Aiden English competed in a singles match with Apollo Crews.

However, Sin Cara has been working these events.

It is also worth noting that the Mexican high-flyer recently disbanded his tag team with the former United States Champion Kalsito, heading into the WWE Draft.