WWE NEWS: WWE Universe Unhappy With The New Changes In RAW — See Complains…

WWE is planning huge changes for Monday Night Raw. The only question is, will the WWE Universe be able to deal with them and still enjoy Raw in the coming months.

Unfortunately for The WWE Universe, those changes involve giving up on one of their favorite superstars and embracing one that they are not very happy with. In fact, the new plan would involve elevating the unpopular superstar to the championship fight.

According to wrestlinginc.com Seth Rollins will be moved to a Mid-card feud with Chris Jericho following the Survivor Series pay per view and Roman Reigns will be replacing him in The WWE Universal Title picture storyline with Kevin Owens.

With that being said and the fact that Rollins is now scheduled for a feud with Chris Jericho, it seems that WWE is again scrapping the idea for him to feud with Triple H.

As to what went wrong here, I fear this is a product of backstage politics and WWE’s never ending quest to raise Roman Reigns to the top of the card and make him the top guy.

Then again, this could all be due to Rollins’s inability to draw. Don’t get me wrong, Reigns has about as much chance as drawing big money as James Ellsworth or Brian Kendrick. Sure, they are both great side show attractions and like Reigns, could at least move up to a midcard feud if used correctly, but to bank so much on them when they have get the fans behind them is beyond ridiculous.

Let us know what you think of this new plan in the comments below and be sure to mention whether you think Reigns can be the guy or not.