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Tears rolled down his cheek as he talked

The world is really a stage and we are all players. Recently, it was rumored that this well known WWE legend Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts passed away but we came to realize that the news of his death was rumors.

Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts recently talked about his mother death and how grievous he was when she passed away. Speaking with Canadian outfit Niagra Front Publications, Jake said:

“Well, right now I am down. I just buried my mother. … That is an empty spot. I really feel lost, like, ‘Wait a minute, I can’t pick up the phone and call her.’ It still feels weird. It is a hole that has to be filled. I am so grateful that I was able to get sober and clean before she left, because I know she worried about me constantly, and hated the fact that I was going through what I went through. But she was always there for me, man. If I reached out, she was always there, you know?”

Furthermore, Jake said that it was not an easy thing for him at all as would previously had to take alcohol in order to let go of the memory, but still on his discussion, he repented and vowed that he would go now without drinking anything called alcohol. This is good!