WWE NEWS: WWE Wants Paige To Leave The Company – See Why WWE Plans To Fire The Former Diva’s Champion Paige …

Few weeks ago, it was reported that Alberto Del Rio was suspended for violating the company’s wellness policy and some hours after the announcement of Del Rio’s suspension, Paige’s suspension was announced for also violating the wellness policy.

The former WWE Diva Champion Paige has been in a relationship with Alberto Del Rio and this relationship has been so strong. Lately, it was reported that these lovers have taken another dimension in their relationship. It is revealed that Paige has been so outspoken about her relationship with Del Rio on social media.

The relationship of these superstars is something most people don’t like to want to hear at all because they feel it is not normal. Triple H has never for once been in support of Paige dating Del Rio because he feels that Del Rio is a bad influence on the 23 year old former two time Diva champion Paige. Triple H says that Del Rio parties too much and may mar Paige’s future; so, he has been doing all within his power to make them separate but to no avail as the relationship even gets deeper by the day.

Furthermore, reports from this week’s episode of the MSL & Sullivan show, hosted by former WCW booker Kevin Sullivan and former Ring of Honor commentator Mister Saint Laurent, states that WWE have recently threatened Paige’s job if she didn’t end her relationship with the veteran Mexican grappler Alberto Del Rio. This is really a serious thing.

More so, if Paige be fired because of Del Rio which means they are both going to head ways into another company that will suite their relation because Del Rio’s contract will soon expire and there may not be a renewal of it. Anyway, whichever way it turns out to be, there must be a way out.