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Glenn Thomas Jacobs popularly known as Kane has been a long time superstar in the WWE. He known as the brother of the WWE legend The Undertaker and they are both referred to as the Brothers of Destruction.

It is revealed that Kane has been with the company for over 20 years and he is still wrestling. He has a wrestling spirit in him and may not even retire till further notice.

In an interview with the Like Father, Like Son” podcast, Kane was asked if he is anywhere close to his retirement? He said, ““Not really. It’s still fun. I have a lot of fun now with the younger guys and just being in the position that I’m in, as more of a mentor at times.”

Kane is 49 years old and he is still very strong and healthy when it comes to defending himself in the WWE ring. Kane stated that he is very lucky because he ever since his career as a wrestler, he has not recorded any severely injury.

Again, Kane said that he is fortunate in the field of wrestling stating that he has performed in several high levels of wrestling. Kane has recorded lots of awards and title reigns. It is revealed that during his time with WWE, he has won 18 titles. Kane is not at all ready to retire.