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SummerSlam will be held on Aug 21 this year
There are some changes in the timing for the SummerSlam of 2016 as it was earlier scheduled to commence 6:30pm, but now 6pm ET. The change was made by the that sells the ticket for the WWE’s and at other events.


As noted by PWInsider, this change might mean that this year’s event might run for four and a half hours at a stretch. It will not take people aback if the show is extended from the normal three hours just like last year to four hours. This year’s SummerSlam might be the longest TV program ever aired by WWE.


The reason for this might be to avoid any problem that might occur just like what happened this year at WrestleMania. What happened is something that fans didn’t find funny as they found it very difficult entering the venue for the WrestleMania 32 because of the Wi-fi problems in the stadium, which really caused a major traffic in scanning the tickets.

As a result of this many fans where outside the AT&T Stadium for hours waiting.  A lot of fans complained of dehydration and tiredness and who knows, this might be their reply.