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We may not talk about the super-nature of WWE without mentioning the hallmark contributions made by Superstars like Hulk Hogan, The Rock and John Cena. Hulk Hogan was the first that brought the pieces together with his contagious wrestling prowess, The Rock dragged Hollywood fans to the scene. He bridged the mark between the Hollywood and the professional wrestling industry. That was it! While John Cena sealed the deal by proving that there is a thin line between wrestling and entertainment. And that worked right for him; worked right for the WWE.

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While there were arguments and doubts on if Cena would succeed in pro wrestling after his debut in 2002, Cena came from the back of beyond and proved that he has what it takes to stand as one great wrestler in history. On Sunday at the WWE TLC PPV, fans were hungry for Cena’s presence and they thunder the chants, “We Want Cena!” “We Want Cena!!” We Want Cena!!!” That was the spirit in the air. Fans want him back. They want the never-give-up man back in the squared ring. They want a man that makes them feel they have what it takes to go ahead and succeed in life.

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But for how much longer can Cena stay in WWE when he eventually returns from his provisional leave?

Well, John Cena has eventually said something that fans don’t want to hear; he opened up on his retirement from professional wrestling lately. So long as pro wrestling is concerned, this is a bad news for the WWE as well as their fans. Cena said:
“I’ve always sworn to myself that if I can’t keep up with the current level athletically, it’s my time to take another role, whether that’s commentating on the matches or stepping behind the curtain and molding younger talent.”
“I always want to do whatever I can to help the industry. I see firsthand how happy we make kids and families. When you get a kid to sit down and have a conversation with [their] Superman, it’s the coolest thing. It makes their day. That’s a pretty cool, unique thing.”

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However, report says that Cena would to be coming back briefly for the WWE Royal Rumble after which he would disappear again until WWE’s tour of Germany that kicks off on February 10th. “John Cena is currently not scheduled for any live events after this year’s WWE Royal Rumble. He is not advertised for appearances again until WWE’s tour of Germany that kicks off on February 10th.”

This implies that Cena would be out of action for a total of three months out of five. This is odd and unbecoming for the WWE at a time when their ratings keeps falling daily and their fans are fast becoming ex-fans. WWE has seen this and they are looking for a replacement aggressively. They have decided that Cena is no longer the man that the company should rest on absolutely as they have done over the years. There comes Roman Reigns but that’s not the best choice we suppose. Reigns has quite a few issue, he lacks some key substances and his use of the microphone is just one of them.

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