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Information reaching us states that one of the members of the League of Nations, King Barrett has been absent for a while due to injury. He wasn’t at the WWE TLC as well as WWE RAW which makes it obvious that something could be possibly wrong especially as the group has been interfering in matches lately. In a recent scenario, the group helped WWE Superstar Sheamus maintain his WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

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Why people wondered about the absence of King Barrett and just what could be possibly wrong with him, the Wrestling Observer has just stated that King Barrett is down with injury and would be action for a pretty while.
The real challenge now is that Barrett is one of the key members of the League of Nations, hence not having him around might affect the general scene of play of the group adversely.

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Well, Barrett is still going round with WWE and was even backstage at WWE RAW but was not in action. However, if the injury is not severe, he would feature in WWE shows before the year runs out otherwise, he would join the league of those who would resume action next year.

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In any case, WWE has decided to hold onto the King Barrett because of his unique features and character, hence he clinched the 2015 King of the Ring as well as multi-time WWE Intercontinental Champion title. However, he seems to be that kind of a star that would always go down time and again with injury. Let’s watch him for a while, anyway.

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