WWE Officials Re-elevate Sasha Banks? – See NEW Official Plans For The Boss

The feud between the current RAW Women’s Champions, Alexa Bliss and Barley is finally taken a different dive especially as the WWE Universe didn’t subscribed to the story-line after they detected a flaw when Bliss brought a memorial from “Bayley’s childhood” to mock her.

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So there would be every reason to begin a feud between Bliss and The Boss unless the Alexa and Bayley have a great match, WWE officials are attempting to re-elevate Sasha Banks into the title picture. It may seem like a lot of people could be overdoing the criticism for the “This is Your Life” segment, but the thing is that fans tend to remember bad segments like this one for awhile.

Although, it could be believable that the WWE Universe has a collective short-term memory, but one thing to come to consciousness of is that fans remember bad segments.

WWE fans may make a few jokes about it, but the “This is Your Life” segment is highly unlikely to do extreme damage to anyone’s career. Sometimes, a good, creative, industrious idea looks better on paper, but when it comes to live television. Then it becomes an explosive problem.