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WWE Paige Undergoes Emergency Cyst SurgeryFormer WWE Divas Champion Paige has been forced to undergo emergency surgery to remove an ovarian cyst.



The ex-wrestler, who was forced to retire several years ago after a neck injury, has since shared an update confirming that she’s much better, but her predicament did partially lead to her boyfriend, musician Ronnie Radke, to cancel a show in Sacramento, California.

Radke is the lead vocalist in the American post-hardcore band Falling In Reverse.

Paige, or Saraya-Jade Bevis, as she’s actually called, then defended her boyfriend after he was criticised for calling off the show, even though – on top of her surgery – his drummer had also taken ill.


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Confirming the troubling news, Radke shared a picture of Paige in her hospital bed and wrote: “Sacramento, not only did my drummer fall completely ILL to food poisoning, @RealPaigeWWE had to have an emergency surgery to remove an ovarian cyst.

“So even if my drummer wasn’t sick I still would’ve cancelled. so if you’re mad.. don’t buy another ticket to my show again”
Whilst she didn’t mention her illness specifically, Paige came to the aid of her partner after he copped some stick for the show’s cancellation.

She said: “C’mon. Be better than this. He was attacked by so many selfish people that don’t have empathy also when it comes to his drummer. “It’s not easy to replace him last minute. There’s a lot behind a live show. Celebs are human too. Give him a break.”


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As a result of the emergency situation, Paige was also forced to miss an episode of WWE Backstage, on which she appears as an analyst. Then, some hours later, she tweeted her fans an update on the situation.

That’s good news, at least. The 27-year-old has been performing a variety of roles within the WWE Universe since her career was ended by a neck injury in 2017.

She’s been the general manager of Smackdown, one of the company’s flagship weekly programmes, and also managed the tag-team Kabuki Warriors.

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In a recent interview with Lilian Garcia, she said that she’d quite like to return to the authority role that she had as Smackdown GM. Paige said: “Honestly, I would like to get back on the road if I was general manager.

“That’s something I really loved and enjoyed because it took me out of my comfort zone. I had a lot of verbiage to remember.


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“Oh my God, I’m like, ‘ah, there’s so much crap here!’ But I really enjoyed that I would love to come back doing that kind of stuff, but if not, like, I’m really content just doing appearances here and there for them, going to England for them, or doing media stuff, or whatever they need me to do, and do the FOX show, WWE Backstage because it is fun.”