WWE Passes Away: Vince McMahon & Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch Pay Tribute On Painful DEATH — See Huge Update On Passing Away

Alexa Bliss WWE Goldust iconic makeupAlexa Bliss is struggling with sickness at present, which could be why she wasn’t on hand on SmackDown Live and was defeated so easily as part of Monday Night Raw.

Alexa Bliss does not have much free time at all as a WWE Superstar so she doesn’t have time to get sick.

However, she can’t really tell that to her body right now because she’s apparently under the weather.

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In fact, Bliss recently revealed that she’s been sick for the past five days. That is no way to exist, especially when there are so many things that she has to get done anyway.

Dear Sickness, it’s been 5 days. You gotta go.

Alexa Bliss hasn’t had the best of luck with her health over the past few months, ever since Hell in a Cell last year the former Women’s Champion has been struck down with a number of injuries that have kept her out of the ring.

WWE Alexa Bliss Beautiful Star

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Luckily, Bliss has been able to find a way to remain on WWE TV despite her injuries since she has been handed her own “A Moment of Bliss” talk show in recent months.

The Goddess has returned to the ring recently and now looks to become SmackDown Women’s Champion next weekend, but this new bout of sickness could be a problem.

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Bliss is fighting through this sickness and we’re pulling for it. Whatever is wrong with Alexa Bliss, hopefully, it will be long gone by Monday because she has a SmackDown Women’s Title match against Bayley to worry about hyping.

In a related development, WWE Chairman Vince McMahon paid tribute to his father, Vincent J. McMahon, for his birthday today on Twitter.

This opened the stream for other WWE stars such as Alexa Bliss, Paige, Becky Lynch and others to pay tribute on the passing away of patriarch of WWE, Vincent J. McMahon.

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You can check out Vince’s tribute to his father below. He wrote, “I loved my dad. He would have been 105 years old today. Happy Birthday.”

McMahon Sr. passed away in 1984. He sold his company World Wrestling Federation (formerly Capital Wrestling Corporation and World Wide Wrestling Federation) to his son Vince McMahon in the early 1980s.

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