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Couple of weeks ago King Barrett was dramatically slapped by Manchester United Star, Wayne Rooney when WWE toured the City and Rooney, Giggs and others were in attendance.

In line with the foregoing, King Barrett reportedly got some international media over a tweet he sent to Roy Keane.

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Keane, Irish football manager threw a punch at Rooney for the face he made with Barrett on WWE RAW at Manchester tour that caught the media attention.
According to Keane, Rooney wasn’t supposed to get himself twisted in the WWE’s show where he slapped Barrett at all. He referred to the general act and nature of things as nonsense and said Rooney had nothing at all to benefit from the day.

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See his actual comment below:

“I always question certain players what are they doing off the field? I saw Wayne last week slapping a wrestler and I’m thinking ‘why is he getting involved in all that nonsense?'” Keane said. “There’s no benefit to him so I think I would look at that side to it.”

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Barrett responded to Keane’s criticism, tweeting:

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