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Night two of WWE WrestleMania 36 kicked off with Liv Morgan beating Natalya in a fun match .
Now, the question most WWE fans are asking is this: has Liv Morgan always been this good? The answer? Yes, she has, and it’s about time we all started recognizing her talent.



As part of the Riott Squad, Liv was, just that, part of the squad. She was the pink-haired, blue-tongued, self- proclaimed juvenile delinquent but even then her character work was immaculate. Liv was like the spoiled youngest child that idolized her older sisters.

Liv’s dedication to her squad continued even after the Superstar Shakeup split them up, with Sarah and Ruby staying on RAW whereas Liv moved over to SmackDownLIV (Sorry, had to do it).

Liv Morgan bath

Even apart from her friends, Liv held on to the squad. She didn’t feature much on SmackDown programming, but when she did, she would make the exact same entrance as she would with the squad, and even wore very similar gear. That is, until the July 16, 2019, episode of SmackDown. After losing to Charlotte flair, Liv would snatch Corey Graves’ headset and Vow to come back as “real”.

Liv Morgan would eventually return on the final RAW of 2019. Gone was the pink hair, blue tongue, and ripped tights. Liv was back, and seemingly completely different from the last time we’d seen her.

Liv Morgan laugh

Of course it would be remiss not to state that Liv’s return was nothing short of controversial and disrespectful to the LGBTQIA+ community. This may have been the reason that aspect of the storyline was almost immediately dropped, and instead, Liv became the “embodiment of Karma”. This side of Liv Morgan was present even in the wedding segment, waiting until she’d provoked Lana into slapping her, before “retaliating”

And you best believe, Karma is coming for Ruby and Sarah for betraying their former best friend.

Liv Morgan

Enough talk about character. Let’s discuss Liv’s in-ring work. Liv’s skills in the ring have gone unnoticed for much too long. Her ring psychology, her facial expressions(go rewatch elimination chamber 2020, and focus on Liv), her reversals all quite good. So long as Liv’s opponent is someone unafraid to let her shine, she isn’t afraid to put her all into her matches.

Liv Morgan snap

Her WrestleMania win against Natalya, and even more impressively her incredible match with Asuka on the RAW after Mania (that springboard codebreaker was amazing), are quite convincing arguments of Liv’s improvement. If you don’t want to take my word, maybe Asuka’s would do :

Liv Morgan

Given the opportunity to prove herself, Liv is well on her way to proving that not only is she good, but that with every match she has, she takes steps towards proving her championship potential, and I think it’s about time we all started paying attention.