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While new superstars are highly making it to the wrestling companies, it seems that the older ones are giving up for the newer ones to shine and to continue from where they stopped in the career. Every passing day brings with itself new things and idea to develop the company.

Larry L. Weil, a long-time professional wrestler who performed as “Pretty Boy” Larry Sharpe, died on Monday at age 66, according to the Monster Factory wrestling school where Weil worked as owner and trainer.

The Paulsboro High School graduate and wrestling great, began his career as a professional wrestler in 1974. For 16 years Weil, wrestled full time and tacked on an additional six years of part-time wrestling. Throughout his career, Weil performed as a good guy and a bad guy, with hundreds of televised matches.

Weil went on to co-own and operate the Monster Factory, his famed Paulsboro wrestling school which was featured on GMA and Sports Illustrated, with partner Dan Cage.
Before retiring and moving to Cape Coral in Florida, Weil worked to train notable wrestlers including Bam Bam Bigelow, Chris Candido, Tatanka, Tony Atlas, Balls Mahoney, The Headbangers, D Lo Brown and The Pitbulls.

According to, Weil had been battling liver cancer leading up to his death. Plans for a memorial service have not been announced yet but will be handled by Farnelli Funeral Home.