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Reports reaching us have revealed that, in a dark match after Raw went off the air, Seth Rollins debuted a new finisher against Kelvin Owens.

For the benefit of those who might have forgotten, before now, Seth Rollins uses Triple H’s pedigree as his finishing move between May 2015 and WrestleMania 33. But earlier before that, he used the curb stomp as his finisher.

Though curb stomp seem to be one of the most lethal-looking finishers in WWE, on the ground that Vince McMahon thinks the move is easily imitable and didn’t suit the PG product of WWE, it was banned shortly after WrestleMania 31.

It was recorded that Seth Rollins was in a post-Raw dark match against Samoa Joe and Kevin Owens where he teamed with Chris Jericho.

However, the case now is that, Seth’s new finisher seems to be same as Kazuchika Okada’s “Rainmaker”. But instead of using the lariat that Okada does, The Architect used the knee.

It makes storyline sense that Rollins retires the pedigree now that he has used it to defeat the King of Kings at WrestleMania. Triple H was his mentor in storyline and it is the perfect time for Rollins to move on.

More so, reports have indicated that Rollins is currently in a feud with Samoa Joe and as the case may be, Rollins who was originally rumored to face Joe at Fastlane but could not due to his knee injury, may be facing the master of the Coquina Clutch at Payback.

Be that as it may, I think it is time enough for Seth to have a new finishing move. It is better that he retired the pedigree at WrestlMania as that would also go a long way in helping him build his own legacy and not continually associate his move with Triple H, though not an offence nor a bad thing.