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Roman Reigns was recently put in an ambulance by Braun Strowman who thereafter knocked it over during backstage brawls. On the other hand, a still image appears to show that, just before the vehicle was pushed over by Strowman, the WWE Champion exited the vehicle.

Taking an insight into the background of the matter, on the April 10 edition of Monday Night Raw, Reigns was getting ready for an interview with Michael Cole about the biggest win of his career. He talked to Cole about what it felt like to possibly retire The Undertaker at WrestleMania. Before the voice of Raw could ask another question, Strowman attacked the Big Dog and threw him around the backstage area into multiple tables, sturdy accoutrements and several walls.

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This also went on to a level where Roman Reigns was put on a stretcher. The moment came after a commercial break when Strowman entered the room and continued his assault on the Big Dog. While Reigns was still on the stretcher, he continued to shove it up to the parking garage. Now, with a sharp jump cut, it was evident that Reigns wasn’t actually on the stretcher. This became a theme later on in the backstage brawl.

Braun Strowman Lifting Ambulance

A while after the stretcher incident when all WWE fans thought it was over and Roman Reigns was seen been loaded onto an ambulance, Strowman was not really done yet.
He tried tipping over the ambulance by lifting it. It was however clear that Reigns would no longer be inside since the WWE officials want to protect their talent. However, it seems like in the process of trying to burry reality, Reigns was caught leaving the ambulance before it was pushed over by Strowman.