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John Cena’s real-life girlfriend has thought it necessary to send a note to Sasha Banks who shook her booty in Monday’s night RAW.

Nikki Bella who has been on break from WWE’s schedule following injuries she sustained couple of weeks ago has been making headlines following the rumors surrounding her and her ex-boyfriend Dolph Ziggler and the accusation from Daniel Bryan who stated that Nikki was Flirting with Her Ex-Boyfriend, Possibly Cheating On John Cena.

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When that news broke, expectedly the media went bananas especially as Ziggler reportedly said that he cares not or that he does not mind stepping on John Cena’s toes because of Nikki Bella. You can read more of the controversy that surrounds Nikki Bella’s love affair with John Cena and ex-boyfriend Dolph Ziggler here.

However, at Monday night’s RAW, Sasha Banks gave an amusing and boisterous shake of her booty during her entrance and Nikki felt it’s nice to say something about that.

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See what Nikki tweeted below:

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