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In spite of the awful ratings for RAW week in and week out, WWE still has a great plan for TLC: Tables, Ladders and Chairs pay-per-view on Dec. 13 where Roman Reigns will be challenging world champion Sheamus.

The bout between the two is taking the face of the major match for the WWE 2015 TLC and it seems the company is working hard to see that this face naturally leads to Royal Rumble and onto the Road to WrestleMania 32.

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Here are the best possible outcomes for the world title match at TLC.

Sheamus Wins Thanks to The Authority

Sheamus looked much stronger on the most recent edition of Raw with his suit and his slicked back hair, and his collusion with The Authority and the League of Nations should be enough to help him retain the world title at TLC.

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WWE loves to stack the odds against Reigns and make him look like the underdog despite the fact he is booked as strongly as John Cena. At TLC, it will likely take the entire League of Nations to help Sheamus barely pull out a successful title defense.

Winning the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at TLC would be an anti-climatic culmination of Reigns’ quest to become a top star, so the likelihood of a title change at the event is unlikely.

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The WWE Universe should expect The Authority and the League of Nations to interfere throughout this convoluted PPV main event.

Roman Reigns Overcomes the Odds

If WWE is going to panic with Sheamus as champion and look to get the belt off him as soon as possible, having Reigns win now and be the one to carry the world title into WrestleMania season is likely an acceptable scenario for the company.

It is not the ideal way to build a top face champion by handing him the belt before WrestleMania, but the potential backlash would be lessened by Reigns heading into 2016 already wearing the belt.

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The members of the WWE Universe who do not believe Reigns is the right choice as a top star right now will have several months to get used to the decision, and maybe he can even prove a few of the doubters wrong during that time.

Sheamus is not a viable world champion, and as much as Reigns has shown weaknesses, it would likely be better for his character to win the championship at TLC and carry it through Royal Rumble into WrestleMania 32.


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