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The former WWE world heavyweight champion and vice president of the WWE, Triple H has indeed made name since his debut into the company in 1995.

Paul Michael Levesque being Triple H’s real name has sent so many wrestlers to the scene where they are totally forgotten and just as it is, Triple H has made really great name from that as well. According to report, Triple H has buried some special number of superstars who today seems to be forgotten as planned we will discussed but few of these superstars.

In the list of the buried superstars are: 1) Scott Steiner: report has it that after Steiner’s debut At the Survivor Series in 2002, WWE had in mind in making him the face of the company of which didn’t come to pass due to fact that Triple H reacted against him. Steiner has said nothing but horrible things about Triple H in numerous shoot interviews.

2) Zack Ryder: it was clearly stated that the burial of Zack Ryder was not only cruel, but also pointless. According to report, 2011 proved to be the highest point of Zack Ryder’s popularity in the WWE. Zack accomplished a whole lot all through that year. Even at this, it was stated that the fall of Zack was even greater than his rising as Triple H gave a glimpse into the feelings of the company’s creative team when, on an episode of RAW, he hit Ryder with the Pedigree after posing for a group photo.