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Sasha Banks WWE Return finally AnnouncedSasha Banks has yet to make a return to WWE and it makes fans wonder when she could be coming back. Now a recent tweet really has them wondering what is going on.

The Boss tweeted out two things on Monday morning as fans were waking up. The first one was deleted which said: “Forgot to switch my burner account” along with a monkey covering its mouth. That is very interesting, but the tweet she left up is also pretty cryptic.

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This is a line out of Kendrick Lamar’s “Mortal Man” song. The lyrics could also go on to mean a lot more if you break them down with Banks’ current situation in mind.

Sasha Banks Returning

The WWE has an internal list, where all superstars receive their role of heel or face. Now, Sasha Banks’ status on that list has changed from face to heel.

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Sasha Banks might be returning with an instant shot at the title.

Becky Lynch had no real challengers for a while, at least not since Ronda Rousey left. The only one who comes close to being a challenger is Charlotte Flair, but she is on the blue brand at the moment. Then there is Alexa Bliss as well, but once again she is looking at the blue brand.

With a little shortage of star power, a lot of people believe Sasha will return as a heel on the Raw roster for one purpose only… To take the title from Becky Lynch. Since Becky had no substantial challengers of late, this theory does not sound so crazy.

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There has been a lot of speculation surrounding the future of Sasha Banks in WWE ever since her last appearance on television at WrestleMania 35.

Now, following an update from PW Insider, it seems clearer now more than ever that the four-time Raw Women’s champion will remain with WWE.

PW Insider’s Mike Johnson is reporting that Sasha Banks is working on the WWE 2K20 video game:

“Sasha Banks, who was in the Northeast a few weeks ago for WWE, was filming content for the forthcoming WWE 2K20 video game in Orlando, Florida.”

Regarding her future in WWE, Johnson added:

“So, for everyone still asking about her standing with the company, that should tell you all you need to know.”

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Short-term, we can expect to see more cryptic posts and holiday pictures from Sasha Banks on social media. Long-term, it seems obvious that “The Boss” is going to return to WWE at some point in the next few months.