WWE Update: Shocking Reasons Why Championship Belt Was Stolen From Randy Orton Revealed

There was drama on Tuesday night during the last episode WWE SmackDown debut with series furious and interesting faceoff where there was a ‘No Disqualification’ fight between Randy Orton and Eric Rowan, which saw Orton winning after a killer ‘RKO’.

However, the moment that got fans booing, turned a drama when the number first Contender for the WWE Championship Jinder Mahal entered the ring and attacked Randy Orton along with the Singh Brothers.

After he cruel pounded on Orton, crossed his boundary and ‘hijacked’ the Championship Title belt. This has got people talking and generated a lot of questions from spectators, why on earth did he do that?

You will recall that the internet went agog on how tensions have been high between Jinder Mahal and Orton. The never miss rivalry show began when Randy Orton interrupted Jinder Mahal’s promo after the Six-man challenge for the position of the first contender.

Since then, Mahal has won a number of promos, where he publicly boasted to the WWE that he is more than qualified to be regarded as champion of the WWE Universe. However, the fans don’t seem to think so and Mahal has received a lot of heat for it and the recent pranks of the self-proclaimed ‘Maharaja’ haven’t really helped his focus.

This whole humiliation began when Jinder Mahal made his entrance after Randy Orton had just won Eric Rowan in a ‘No Disqualification’ match. Mahal could no longer hid his anger at the ‘Viper’ for not taking him seriously and accused him of being too focused on his match with Bray Wyatt at ‘Payback’.

Mahal then entered the ring and began bragging at the crowd, saying that the WWE Universe does not appreciate him because of his appearance and soon the table will turn when he start attacking Orton.

However, Orton had the upper hand from the beginning and would have shut Jinder Mahal up before the intrusion of the Singh brothers. Mahal then knocked Orton out and left the ring with the Championship belt in hand.

Even if fans in the WWE Universe fail to accord Mahal his desired recognition for now, many believed that the move was bold from him to challenge Orton. It is right to say that The WWE is making a huge effort to push Mahal onto the right track and are possibly trying to paint him as the future of SmackDown Live and the WWE