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WWE Universal Champion may the last opponent of the former SmackDown LIVE general manager .

Now that Daniel Bryan has been cleared, fans are scrambling to put together amazing lists of potential dream matches they want to see him in.

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However, it has since been revealed that there’s one reason why WWE has randomly start to throw the former SmackDown LIVE general manager in dream contests.

AJ Styles and Jeff Hardy are two that spring to mind, and it’s reportedly because WWE is trying to get the most out of Bryan while they can.

This is because Bryan still hasn’t signed a new deal with WWE, so having big storylines and bigger opponents means WWE will use him to their advantage.

In fact, there have also been rumours that The Miz could cost Team Hell No the victory at Extreme Rules.

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The A-Lister is an opponent WWE fans are eager to see Bryan go up against.

Their personal rivalry has made for great television and it’s being claimed that should Bryan not re-sign with the company, then The Miz could be the victor in their feud.

Despite this being arguably the one feud WWE fans are desperate to see, it’s not the dream match Bryan himself has in mind.

When asked to narrow it down to one name when he was speaking to the Gorilla Position podcast, the former WWE World Heavyweight Champion revealed that he wants Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania in Seattle, Washington.

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According to Rajah, he said: “If you’re talking one dream match it would be Brock Lesnar, WrestleMania 35 in Seattle Washington.

“Because that I think would be the ultimate David and Goliath underdog story in front of a hometown crowd that would be rabid for that.

“So that would be my dream match and even if it wasn’t WrestleMania, if it was just in Seattle it would be super cool.”

Clearly, a lot of stars will want The Beast because it puts you in a marquee position on the card.

However, Bryan’s motivations seem to be different as this isn’t the first time he’s displayed an interest in working opposite Lesnar, the current WWE Universal Champion.