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According to, SmackDown Women’s Champion was accused of being a “ring rat”, which is a term used for a woman who sleeps with other wrestlers to further her career.

WWE NXT Diva Alexa Bliss has responded to rumors which began on the gossip site, which allows people to submit anonymous “dirt” on others, and has been at the center of past, high profile celebrity and athlete scandals.

The anonymous poster on the site claims to be a WWE developmental talent, and says Bliss needs to be “called out” for being a “ring rat”, which is an insider wrestling term for a woman who sleeps with other wrestlers to further her career.

The following is what the user posted:

Nik, I am currently training with WWE to be a wrestler. We train at NXT in Orlando. A great group of men and women are down here but I have to call out one girl, Alexa Bliss. I wish to stay anonymous but this needs to be out. She is a ring rar [sic] as we call it. She sleeps with just about every person who walks in the door here and has slept with trainers, higher ups, wrestlers and whoever else she can get her hands on. I have heard nasty stories I refuse to share. She is cute and nice but is a total slore. She is not very good in the ring but isn’t bad as a manager. I hope she sees this and cleans her act up asap.

Bliss, who is currently in a real-life relationship with WWE NXT talent Murphy, responded with the following: