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It was announced that Finn Balor injured his should during his match at Summerslam against Seth Rollins for the WWE Universal Championship Title.
The injury injury was so severe that he had to be operated upon just as the doctor declared that surgery will be carried out on the shoulder.

Fortunately, the surgery was successful and now it is revealed that the former NXT champion and former WWE Universal Champion is now out to his home for proper recovery.

WWE is allowing the fans to witness Bálor’s journey to recovery with pictures and videos. In the most recent installment, Bálor describes his physical therapy on the road to returning to WWE. “Today was probably one of the longest days of my entire life,” said Bálor. He added that the surgery was a lot more complicated than expected, and this was confirmed by the surgeon, Dr. Jeffrey Dugas. Dugas stated that the labrum tear was severe, ranging nearly 180 degrees. In fact, the injury was so severe that he also tore part of his bicep and pectoral minor.

Although Bálor describes his mobilization and rehabilitation as agonizing, and he is “gutted about the amount of work [he] is going to miss,” he is looking forward to returning the WWE to make up for lost time and hopefully recapture the WWE Universal Championship shortly after his return. We just hope Balor recovers soon and get back on ring.

If truly he recovers in 6 months as stated, he might as well be coming back for the title and may even be the longest Universal title holder in the future, what do you think? We hope he recovers soon anyways!