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One of TNA’s biggest matches, ‘Final Deletion’ was recently held and the match was between the former TNA World Champions and brothers, Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy. The match was quite an awesome kind as all who witnessed the match both fans and critics were amazed and gave the same report.

After the match who was victoriously won by Matt Hardy, according to the rules of the match, Jeff Hardy is ‘deleted’ Matt Hardy received a mixed report from the match. While others are busy him for trying to renovate his gimmick, others were also busy criticizing him as per the match which he won.

It is revealed that no WWE superstars in history have had such remark about Matt Hardy’s new gimmick. The 15 time WWE champion John Cena took it to him to mock the hell out of the Hardy brand’. This was in form of him been broken. The picture may or may not be to mock him anyway but nobody knows what Cena has in mnd, it may be to extol him who knows?

According to, John Cena posted on his instagram a picture that looks like a broken Matt Hardy. This was as a result of the terms in Cena’s daily post because according to report, he always post pictures in his instagram. Cena always make his post anew and if deep meaning is read into it, it will seem as if he mimics a superstar whose picture he has posted.

Before AJ Styles was debuted into the WWE proper, John Cena also posted his picture in his instagram profile. The reasons for all these though we cannot tell. Cena mocking Matt was not done orally, but reading meaning to the picture online will tell of the motif of John Cena. See post below:

A photo posted by John Cena (@johncena) on